Adding a line break after title in Google Charts - javascript

I am trying to put a line break after a title in Google Charts or before the chart starts (I have a column chart with defined axis, but not single data cell or tab). Is there any possibility to do so in Google Charts?
I can't seem to find a good answer.
The fronts are written in html/css and jQuery/JavaScript.

Append break in your title.
Before "I am Title"
Now "I am Title\r\n/I am chart"
It will display like this
I am Title
I am Chart
At I am Chart you can add your chart
Its better to add line break from backend from where you are getting the data.
I use C# so I would have done at backend like this
Title + Environment.NewLine + Chart


After editing pie chart title in google sheets with a function the pie chart displays an error [duplicate]

In the chart editor there is an option to "Aggregate Column A".
How can I set this in a script using setOption?
After reverse engineering the code created from the graph using the method described here
I found that the option to achieve the same as "Aggregate column a" is
It makes zero sense with the 0 and such but considering how badly some of the Gapps Script stuff is, im not surprised.

Dynamic Bar chart scrolling with time using javascript

I am fairly new to JavaScript, let alone charting. I'd appreciate any help in accomplishing the following. I have browsed many JavaScript charting libraries and examples but have not seen any that solve my problem:
I need to create dynamic stacked bar charts as shown in the attached picture. Horizontal axis is time axis. The chart should scroll to left with time along with time-markings on x-axis. Each horizontal stacked bar is for a different item on Y-axis. There will be many items on y axis. Each section of bar will have text as shown. The information about each section and its text is received dynamically.
Thank you!
See the desired end result in this image
I have found the Google Charts to be very, very easy to use (
However, in order to have dynamic content, you'll need to have some data source to read from so that you can use something like ajax to constantly ping it for updated data. The Google Charts library will give you a good starting point but it won't be dynamic. You'll have to program that portion but Google Charts is very great in providing you with the basic pie, graph, bar, etc.. 'chart templates' so switching between a bar and a pie chart is super easy.

Add labels between two points in a line graph d3.js

I'm trying to add labels to different sections of a line graph using d3.js. I'm working with a dataset that needs to be labelled by the end user by assigning labels to different section of the graph. My current under use case is to build something like the following:
While I am able to create the line graph, and can guess that the areas can be added to the graph as brushes, I'm unable to get started with regard it.

HighCharts for stock prediction data

I am using HighChart library for creating charts in my web application in ASP .Net.
First i use this Candlestick chart for showing the company's stock on chart.
Now i want to create chart for forecast data (RSI CFM Typical Price Moving Average) values on chart.
I see the following picture somewhere but i don't have its example or demo.
Is there any working example for that?
It looks like scenario where indicator are calculated as additonal series. Check the plugins registry, where some of them are implemented.

Google Visualization API - Line and Scatter on one Chart

Does any one know if it is possible to use the Default Google Scatter Chart in the Google Visualizations Gallery to draw a scatter chart that has both a series with points only, a series with a line of best fit and on top of this a set of lines across the chart indicating limits. i.e. at +/- 20% etc.
The chart we need is actually a Control Chart with multiple series and individual formatting of each series displayed on the chart. i.e some series with only points other series with a line of best fit.
Does any one know of a Control Chart that has already been done using the Google Visualization API?
After working with the google visualization api for a while and searching the web I would have to say that the answer here is no.
You would have to build your own custom chart and from working with the api for a while I would rather do this with another charting library like jqPlot.
You can make separate line sets in the google scatterchart. The examples are on the scatterchart page.