Is there a way to show all values corresponding to a value on x-axis in the tooltip of Google Charts linechart? - javascript

I have a simple linechart with 2 lines. On hover, I would like to display both y-values in the tooltip that appears. I know I can accomplish this by writing a Javascript function that creates a custom tooltip for every x-value on the graph, but this seems so redundant to do, especially when the graph gets large. Since Google Chart is able to auto-generate the standard tooltip which contain both the x and y-value I feel like there should be an option to do this with built-in tools, is there?

Probably setting focusTarget to 'category' will do the trick.
See here for an example that uses it.


How do I make the plotOptions work in Highcharts Logarithmic axis?

I was building a chart in HighCharts with logarithmic axis type. Here is a link to the code in JSfiddle.
I'm consuming data from Google sheets and at the moment, the values are plotted exactly as in Google Sheets. I however wanted to plot the changes over time instead, something similar to this image. Ignore the left percentages (labels), the ones on the right are the workable ones or rather where my focus is on.
I have tried applying the plotOptions and specifying the compare: 'percent', but still I get the chart not showing the change over time but the exact stock value instead. Is there a way I could get the percent changes instead of the values themselves? I will appreciate any assistance. Thanks!

Minus and plus value for Pie Chart

I have some date each has plus or minus value (for example assets or
So at first I integrated nested piechart by amchart
However it has some weak points, you can't get the defference of assets and liabilities at a glance
So next idea is to use like this,discussed here
However I cant find the good sample for amchart4.
Is there any good sample or close sample???
you can do something like this with d3pie chart(see attached image). This is the site:
Just set the stroke to 1 and the fill to white for example. The rest of the stuff I guess is some Math, and you should manipulate the DOM to change those.
The pie chart you want to do, beside looking cool, doesn't apply to this scenario/calculation, especially the percentages are misleading (total being the sum of absolute values of all numbers).
Pie chart is suitable for visualization of all items from the same category. For example, your spending for the month:
which includes Utilities, Transportation, Groceries, etc.
Would a ColumnSeries make more sense in this case?

Alternative to Google Charts Timeline

I've been playing around with the Timeline chart from Google Charts. It's great because it's very easy to use. However, I stumbled upon quite some limitations:
It's not possible to adjust the height of the bars, or the amount of margin around them.
I cant format the labels of the hAxis. No fonts can be applied, or textcolor, or font-size. And for some reason, two of the labels are in bold. (see image below)
It's not possible to add a text column on the right containing an extra set of information (for example, the sum of all hours in this row)
I can't move the hAxis to be displayed above the graph instead of below
Here's a link to the image:
For this reason, I was hoping some of you could introduce me to an alternative tool or api that I can use. It needs to be easy to use, and free/opensource. I've Googled for numerous chart tools, but almost no tools provide this SIMPLE timeline type of chart (note that it's not a Gantt chart, but it looks like one).
There are a few Gantt chart Javascript libraries, but none seem to be close to the Google Timelines chart.
The only chart I could find that is similar is Visavail.js. It builds upon D3.js and is open source, so you can modify it to your liking. Check out the "Custom Category Data" example. It's a lot like a Google Timelines chart.
For your convenience, I've added a screenshot of the example below:
If you are familiar with d3.js, here is a d3js based example:

Show labels per serie in Highstock.js as in Highcharts.js

I'm planning to use Highstocks.js after having used Highcharts in some other projects and I've noticed that the labels when moving the mouse over a series are not the same as in Highcharts.js making it more difficult to be read.
Instead of showing only the information of the selected series, it shows the information of all of them in the same label.
This might be a bit confusing when there's multiple series as you have to pay attention to the color to identify the series name.
It doesn't even highlight the series you are currently over or anything to simplify the viewing to the final user.
You can see what I'm talking about with this two examples:
Highcharts.js (How I would like it)
Highstocks.js (How it actually is)
I'm wondering if there's anything which can be done to emulate that behavior. I've been taking a look at the series options but I didn't find anything similar.
Sure you can, it is very easy, just add:
shared: false
for tooltip options object on chart initialization.

Highlight sections of the canvas in jqPlot?

I'm using jqPlot for some charting. I would like to highlight regions of the background of the chart. I would like to specify rectangles bounded by the values on an axis that are the entire length of the opposite axis.
Is this do-able out of the box, or must I alter the code? Would this be a good usage for a plugin? Is there documentation on how to write one?
Update: Looks like the fill option on the series might be helpful.
Update 2: Or maybe the GridCanvasRenderer or the ShapeRenderer.
I implemented it myself with about 20 lines of code in CanvasGridRenderer. Works pretty well.